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  • Selected music scores by Claudio Pompili have been made available for viewing/printing on this site free of charge.
  • All copyrights remain with Claudio Pompili and the music may not be sold or distributed for commercial gain without express permission.
  • Performance rights of the music remains the copyright of Claudio Pompili. Claudio Pompili is a member of the Australiasian Performing Rights Assocation (APRA) which collects fees on behalf of its members.

A complete catalogue of works is listed at the Compositions and Discography pages at this site.



Music File Name

Annabel Lee (med. voice and guitar). Printable PDF 108Kb
Soundbyte playback button(216K)

Free song by C. Pompili© for medium female voice and classical guitar. Text by Edgar Allan Poe.

Ave Maria (soprano and guitar). Printable PDF 156Kb

Free song by C. Pompili© for soprano and classical guitar. Arrangement of Schubert.

Three Miniatures for piano (1980). Duration ca.5'.click here to view pdf file of complete score (344K) NB: view only, not printable

by C. Pompili© for piano.

Misc File Name


Copying PlayStation Games on the Mac Manual

By C. Pompili. Everything you ever wanted to know about burning safety backup copies of your valuable PlayStation One games on your Mac. The definitive guide with hundreds of pages of instructions and resources for PSX.

Brief résumé (January 2002) (Printable pdf 52k); or a comprehensive curriculum vitae (Nov 2000) (Printable pdf 688k)

Download a choice of either a brief résumé or the comprehensive curriculum vitae. NB: contact details in either document may be out of date. For the current contact details see Claudio's Home page.

These are the zipped archives for Claudio Pompili's "Getting Into Adelaide Rock" book so far 14/7/2003


File Name

MIDPLug for XG v.1.00 (1.7MB) and Read Me

MIDPLug for XG v.1.00 for Mac

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