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pinspacerSUMMARY: Orders can be placed by (1) sending this electronic Product Inquiry form ; and/or (2) posting/faxing your Order/Invoice Form and your payment paid in Australian dollars (AUD$) as cheque/money order/postal note/electronic or money transfer.
Products will not be despatched until receipt of the order form and deposit of monies. Allow up to 28 days for delivery. Shipping prices and delivery times may vary when shipping to cities outside Australia.

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Complete the 3 easy Steps and submit this form electronically. We will respond by email.
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pinspacerStep 1: fill in your order selection

You may need to widen your page horizontally, depending on your selection, in order to see the complete selection table.

Highlight items required

Put your cursor in the selection box and click item required

Select Quantity required (total number of items)

Put your cursor in the text box and type the quantity

Amount AUD$ (incl. 10% GST)

*Refer to Price List eg $25.00
* dollars & cents






1. Sub Total cost of disc(s): AUD$


2. Total postage/delivery AUD$


3. Total including postage/delivery AUD$ (add 1+2)


  • Postal delivery charges must be added as follows:
    • for orders of up to 2 CDs (<250gms):
      • Anywhere within Australia: $2.75
      • Overseas: All countries: $6.00
    • for orders of up to 4 CDs (<500gms):
      • Anywhere within Australia: $3.75
      • Overseas: All countries: $9.00

pinspacerStep 2: fill in your details

All rows marked with "*required" must be filled in and your order will not be processed unless the information is provided. You can expect up to 28 days turn-around from date of receiving your order.

All fields marked "Required" must be completed before submitting your order.

Shipping Details

  Real Name (First Name & Last Name)


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 Shipping Address:  

  Address - Line 1


  Address - Line 2





  Country (*type in your country if necessary)


  Zip/Postal Code


 Phone Numbers & Email:

  Phone Number (incl. area code)


  Fax Number (incl. area code)


  Email Address



 If you have provided an email address, would you like to receive occasional information on new products?

(checked is Yes)



pinspacerStep 3: method of payment

Indicate one preferred method of payment by checking the boxes. This does not commit you to purchasing any products:
  • Cheque:
    • I intend to pay by cheque
  • Money/Bank transfer:
    • I intend to pay by electronic bank transfer
    • This facility is only available by arrangement.
    • If you check the box we will provide you the details by return email of how you can make your payment by money transfer to Selve Amiche Publications' account, should you proceed with ordering our products.

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