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Claudio Pompili BMus (Adel), MIMT

Strengths & Personal qualities, Employment History, Education, Professional Experience, Awards & Honorifics, Creative Works and Publications, Additional Professional Activities, Professional Memberships, Teaching, Languages, Community Activities, Referees

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Strengths and Personal qualities

  • Demonstrated high-level ability to provide effective leadership; utilise entrepreneurial skills; and achieve outcomes to realise vision.
  • A record of substantial managerial, administrative and project-management experience including in a tertiary context.
  • Demonstrated high-level expertise in tertiary music teaching; research and music composition; and community music.
  • An ability to relate well to colleagues and a willingness to foster collaborative and cross-disciplinary activities.
  • Specific abilities:
    • In tertiary, vocational and community music sectors&endash;particular expertise in tertiary and vocational and education training (VET) course development, articulation and implementation.
    • As distinguished composer with international standing.
    • In industrial relations and workplace agreements in a musical setting.
    • Demonstrated in broad musical sympathies that encompass vigorous championing of tertiary, vocational and community music education and training.
    • Personal qualities:
      • Dynamic, creative and resourceful ‘Big Picture’ management style.
      • Creative thinker and outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills.
      • Outward personality and exceptional communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills.
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    Employment History

  • 1998-; University of Wollongong (UOW) and Wollongong Conservatorium of Music Ltd (WCM), Australia.
  • 1987-;97 University of New England, Australia.
  • 1979-;87 Various freelance and casual.
  • 1966-;79 Postmaster General's Department (PMG)/Telecom Australia, Adelaide, Australia.
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  • Education

  • 1994-;9 Faculty of Creative Arts, UOW
    • Enrolled as Doctor of Creative Arts candidate. Suspended.
  • 1985 Postgraduate Corsi di perfezionamento in Composition, Italy
    • Città di Castello, with Salvatore Sciarrino; Accademia Musicale Pescarese, Pescara, with Franco Donatoni.
  • 1983 The Elder Conservatorium of Music, The University of Adelaide
    • Bachelor of Music, majoring in Composition.
  • 1982 Federation of Australian Music Teachers Association (FAMTA).
    • Accredited Private Music Teacher.
  • 1980 Department of Further Education SA (DFE)
    • Member of Institute of Music Teachers (MIMT) and Certificate in Music (Instrumental Teaching).
  • 1971 Postmaster General’s Department (PMG), Adelaide, Australia
    • Telecommunication Technician Certificate.
  • 1965 Gilles Plains High School, Adelaide, SA.
    • Intermediate Certificate.
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  • Professional experience (selection)

  • 1998-; University of Wollongong (UOW) and Wollongong Conservatorium of Music Ltd (WCM), Australia
    • Associate Professor at UOW and Director/CEO of WCM responsible for: (1) comprehensive executive & administrative duties, industrial relations, and financial control of company; (2) pedagogic and artistic leadership to staff (approximately 60 part-time teachers and 10 administrative staff); (3) development of strategic planning, funding initiatives, internal reviews, media communications, community and political representation; (4) negotiations/collaborations with external bodies including senior executives of Regional and State Government agencies; and (5) development, implementation and programming of Information Technology and Management Information systems.
  • 1995-;7 University of New England, Australia
    • Head of Music Department: supervised eight full-time academic, up to 15 part-time academic and four general staff; 40 internal undergraduate and 120 external undergraduate students, and approximately 20 postgraduate students.
  • 1987-;97 University of New England, Australia
    • Senior Lecturer/Lecturer: joint-coordinator of undergraduate Composition, including BMus(Hons); supervision of a range of postgraduate degree students including MLitt, MMus (Hons) and PhD; commissioned by national and international ensembles/musicians; departmental administrative duties; active in university and professional fora including role as Sub-Dean of Music and being a strong advocate of creative arts as research.
  • 1979-;87 Various
    • Casual Lecturer/Tutor, Arts Project Officer, Music Copyist, Event Curator, Music Teacher.
  • 1965-;79 Lead guitarist with various leading Adelaide bands including Coloured Rain, Brass Buckle and Gamble.
    • 2nd place in Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds (1969); interstate tours; appeared in state and national TV pop shows, including Melbourne ATVO’s Up-Tight and NSW-9’s Move; frequent reviews/interviews in national magazine Go-Set; and released three singles on SUNSHINE and PEPPER labels.
  • 1966-;79 Postmaster General’s Department (PMG)/Telecom Australia, Adelaide, Australia
    • Telecommunications Technical Officer & Technician: responsible for team upgrading ARX Crossbar Country Exchanges and fault-finding; and maintenance of Telecom communications equipment including Step-by-Step, Rotary and ARF Crossbar Telephone Exchanges in metropolitan Adelaide, involving establishing independent initiatives for maintenance schedules and fault-finding.
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  • Awards & Honorifics (selection)

  • 1999 Hon John Aquilina Acknowledgment of Service to Public Education in NSW, NSW Department of Education and Training (DET).
  • 1994 Composer Profile, one-hour interview/profile by Charles Southwood broadcast on national radio, ABC-FM.
  • 1994 Doppio Teatro (Adelaide multi-cultural theatre company) jointly awarded the Sidney Myers Performing Arts prize, specifically in recognition of La Madonna Emigrante&endash;music composed by Pompili.
  • 1993 La Madonna Emigrante selected as finalist in the Drama Section, New York International Radio Festival.
  • 1990 Adolf Spivakovsky Scholarship for the Composition of Music.
  • 1990 New Music Series' Composer Portrait Concert in my honour, Toronto, Canada.
  • 1989 Polymnia Triptych: Elegia (1981-;6) selected by the Australian Jury of the International Society for Contemporary Music as a submission for the 1990 World Music Days.
  • 1989 Finalist in the International Composition Competition (Miami, Florida).
  • 1988 Awarded full representation at the Australian Music Centre.
  • 1984 Italian Government Scholarship to study with Franco Donatoni and Salvatore Sciarrino.
  • 1983 The Alex Burnard Scholarship (Composition), The University of Adelaide.
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  • Selected Creative Works and publications (selection)

    Six most influential publications are (see CV for details and complete listing including research activities):

  • 2000 The Last Child…flight of the swallows (2000)mixed-media/electro-acoustic opera. Duration c.53'. Premiered and critically-acclaimed at 2000 Telstra Adelaide Festival and 11th Sydney Spring Festival.
  • 1994 Ah, amore che se n'andò nell'aria! (1991-;4) for clarinet/bass clarinet (Bb), viola and violoncello. Duration c.24'.
  • 1992 Zeitfluß (Teuflischer Kontrapunkt) (1985-;92) for wind quintet. Duration c.18'.
  • 1992 La Madonna Emigrante (1987-;1992) a musico-dramatic composition that exists in a number of formats. Duration c.60'.
  • 1991 Citlalin Tlamina (1985-;86; rev 1991) for flute, clarinet, violin and violoncello. Duration c.13'.
  • 1990 Lo spazio stellato si riflette in suoni… (1990) for baroque flute and percussion. Duration c.26'.
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    Additional professional activities (selection)

  • 2000 Prepared extensive research report submission on WCM to Dalton Review of Non-Tertiary Music Education Program, NSW DET, Sydney.
  • 2000 Member of two delegations to the Minister for Education and Training, Hon J Aquilina (one as Director/CEO of the WCM and other as Executive of the Association of Regional Conservatorium Music Centres (ARCMC) to the Dalton Review of Non-Tertiary Music Education on funding of Regional Conservatorium Music Centres), Sydney.
  • 1999-2000 Executive director of ARCMC responsible for research, submissions and negotiations on major issues in NSW pre-tertiary music education eg the Goods and Services Tax (GST); the Ralph Report on music teachers/hobbyists; and the Dalton Review of the Non-Tertiary Music, NSW DET.
  • 1987-; External assessor for postgraduate theses and Australian Research Council (ARC) assessments. In 2000, completed assessments for two ARC Large Grants and two ARC Fellowships.
  • 1999 Member, External Review Committee considering Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia's teacher training courses, Certificate Levels III, IV and Diploma in Suzuki Talent Education, Sydney.
  • 1999 Chair, TAFE External Review Committee considering Certificate Level IV Music Management and Diploma of Music Business (International), Sydney.
  • 1998-9 Researched and prepared submission of new BMus course between WCM and Faculty of Creative Arts, UoW.
  • 1996 Member of NACHTMUS Executive Committee delegation to Department of Employment, Education and Training and Youth Affairs (DEETYA) and meetings with Senators Robert Hill and Richard Alston for consideration of the Relative Funding and the Research Models with regard to tertiary music activities, Canberra.
  • 1996-;7 Consultations, report submissions and delegations concerning casual music teachers awards to Personnel Services, UNE, National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA) and the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC). Represented UNE at IRC hearings, Sydney.
  • 1995-7 Principal architect and prepared submission of new BMus course, Faculty of Arts and Academic Board, UNE.
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    Professional memberships (selection)

  • 2000-; Association of Regional Conservatoria and Music Centres NSW (ARCMC) 
    • Elected Treasurer, Executive Committee.
  • 1995-;6 National Council of Heads of Tertiary Music Institutions (NACHTMUS), and the 'Research' and 'Melbourne National Academy of Music' Working Parties.
    • Elected member of Executive Committee.
  • 1990-; Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd (APRA)
    • Elected Writer Full Member.
  • 1989-; Member of The Musicological Society of Australia (MSA).
  • 1989-; Member of Australian Computer Music Association (ACMA).
  • 1988-; Member of Fellowship of Australian Composers (FAC).
  • 1987-; Member of Music Arrangers' Guild of Australia (MAGA).
  • 1987-; The Australian Music Centre (AMC)
    • Full accredited Member.
  • 1980-; Member of Institute of Music Teachers (Australia) (MIMT).
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    Teaching (summary)

    As of 2000: 15 years at tertiary (university), two years at TAFE, three years at Music Conservatorium level, two years at secondary levels.

    Taught and supervised under- and post-graduate tertiary music, including Master and doctoral programs. See CV for details of teaching activities.

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    • Italian native speaker.
    • FilemakerPro database application script programming language.
    • HTML and Perl programming languages.
    • Pascal programming language.
    • XPL programming language (a derivative of Pascal).
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    Community activities (selection)

  • 1998-; Patron of Music Illawarra.
    • 1998-;2000 Member of various Wollongong City Council (WCC) committees including Viva La Gong Festival and Small Grants Assessments.
    • 1988-;95 Founding President of The Dish Association Self-Help Scheme for SBS and ABC-FM. Community project, Armidale.
    • 1987 Adelaide Italian Festival sub-committee of Co-ordina ting Italian Committee Inc (CIC).
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    • on request
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