Personal Dossier


Born 12 May 1949, Gorizia, Italy

Australian and Italian citizen (dual citizenship)

Married; 3 children

I am married to Felicity Horgan, lyric soprano, editor extraordinaire, friend, mother, you know the rest You can hear her sing my music, The Songs for Ophelia. That's her on the right with her father, Daniel, and sister Jane on the left.

Here's the wonderful little bit of 3 years-old chaos in our lives, taken in January 1998: Gianluca Daniele Pompili

That's me with Gianluca on horseback...

January 1998, Sydney: on the left, my son Andrew, on the right my nephew, Matt. In front, on the left is Gianluca, and on the right is my other nephew, Drew.

And wait for it, more photos of my sons, Marc Christian, and Andrew Justin, still to come...


Our bush property, Selve Amiche, in the New England tablelands, New South Wales, Australia. We lived there from 1990 until 1998 and sold it in 2001. It was our 100acres of Paradise! We built our own house there and Gianluca was born there in 1995.


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